Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanderlust Part 15 "Gone"

Here we are, dear readers, with part 15. Oddly enough, Wanderlust has hit almost 18K. We're creeping up on roughly a third of a standard length novel. Freaky deaky, yes?

I went through and tweaked some of yesterday. I read it last night and was LMAO from some of the typos. I'd either lacked sufficient coffee or accidentally ingested some crack because I had about a dozen when all was said and done. Good thing I'm learning how to let stuff like that roll off my back (read as am *trying* to learn).

Anyway, I hope I did better today! And thanks for showing up to read. For some reason when I post my piece of the puzzle and then y'all show up to read I feel...Well, as Jamie Oliver says "then you're smiling!". I am. I am smiling :)


Part 15
by Sommer Marsden

This title is currently part of Amazon's lending library (for the time being). Please visit for details...


  1. Wow Totally did not see this coming. 18k into it, and now we find out she's a pain slut? Well done.

  2. So many lovely words! Lots of nice things here today. His voice softer than the snow, and their beautifully distorted image in the shine. Gorgeous!

    Typos. Bah. And they turn up again and again like bits of broken glass on the floor, even though you've hoovered twice.

    I'll be a lot freer come ... well, June sometime, if you want anything proof read. Considering how fast you manage to write and how much you can produce, it would bea fucking miracle if there weren't mistakes in!

  3. I'm sneaky, CJ ;)

    Thx, Miss Jo. My main problem is that my brain KNOWS what it meant. So sometimes I have to read aloud to make sure it's truly correct. But sometimes that's just not doable 'round here.

    Live writing. I just figure there's bound to be boo-boos. We can hoover them up later! :)


  4. Oooh. Fanastic. I have always, *always*, loved how you spin a tale, Sommer.

    And...I've been reading you long enough that I knew Really was a painslut from part 1 ;)

  5. Love the wildness of this story and the typos melt away like snowflakes. Great stuff.


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