Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wanderlust Part 16 "Lie"

Morning, morning. Here we go. It's raining and I'm tired and all I want to do at the moment (thanks to the Top Chef finale last night) is sleep. But instead, here I am, clutching my coffee cup in hand and putting up the latest bit of Really and Johnny. Oh yeah, and I fed the kids too. They made me...



Part 16

By Sommer Marsden

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  1. Good stopping point, if left me breathless & on the edge of my chair, that is if we wanted to stop, which we didn't. Tease!

  2. Aw. Aw, dear.

    Aren't those children old enough to be feeding themselves now?? :)

  3. I love this serial and these are the reasons why:

    1. You always create really (snort!) gritty, flawed and tactile characters that stick with me. Your heroines are all so delightfully fucked up and your heroes rough and raw around the edges but twinkie soft in the middle. And that, my friend, makes a story full of win as far as I'm concerned.

    2. I'm recognizing all the local references and it's making want to take a trip to B-more. I lived in Aberdeen for 4 years and I've driven along that stretch of Belair Road. I've taken Pulaski Hwy from downtown all the way up to that old, iron bridge to Perry Point just for shits and giggles. The Susquehanna is really pretty from that side. Wide and deep and treacherous below the seemingly calm surface. My dad says it runs alway the way to Philly. Never got a chance to do day.

    3. The Temptations. #nuffsaid.

  4. My bags are packed - love not knowing our destination.

    This is amazing Sommer.

  5. Cassie: didn't anyone every tell you patience was a virtue? heh. ;)~

    Jo: absolutely. but it's one of the joys (I feel) of being fortunate enough to work from home. I make them a nice breakfast and know that they've gone out into the world with a full belly. Then we chat while they eat and then they go and make their lunches. good stuff.

    T.: come on down! I wondered if you were getting a few of the vague landmarks. And I've put a vid in above for you, girly. :)

    Miz Angell: glad to have you along. I know where we're going. Sort of...



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