Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hand me my machete...

because my zombie exterminator book WE KILL DEAD THINGS is out, out, out today! You can find it here at Resplendence Publishing. My brand spanking (please, sir, may I have another) new publisher. My first RP book, woohoo!

Now, here's a blurb, because zombies are afoot...and a-um-hand...and oh look, a-head!


Zombie Exterminators Series, Book One

Poppy thinks her life is weird working the food court at Parktowne mall, until in one brief moment of creeper killing, things change forever. Now she's a freelance zombie exterminator along with her long lusted after co-worker Garrity (her not-so-secret crush), a somewhat lusted after bad boy Cahill, and pretty gay boy Noah.

When the four are hired to do a ballsy zombie clean up at St. Peter's Hospital, Poppy finds out just what's more scary than creepers: The Evoluminaries, a zealot cult who think zombies are part of God's chosen, who happen to end up thinking Poppy might make a mighty good zombie incubator. She finds herself finally sleeping with Garrity, being hunted by a crazy preacher man and stumbling over the fact that Cahill and Noah have become lovers somewhere in the chaos. And that's all on the job.

Just another day in the life when you kill dead things...

You can visit the site to read an excerpt. Tada!



  1. Sounds amazing girl! Gonna order it - as soon as there's a little spare cashola on the credit card!

  2. Love it, Sommer! This book looks like it rocks, as per usual. Can't wait to pick it up, congrats!!

  3. Love the title. Book sounds great. Never read a zombie story before, guess there's a first time for everything. ;)


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