Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day--Mother's Day--

Is there an echo in here? Nope. Just me with two bits of goodness so I had to say it twice! I wanted to post some fun stuff today. One thing that will not be here is almost done but not quite. *sigh* But I'll post that the moment I can.

Item 1:

Doo-doo-dee-dooooooo! My book Coupling: Filthy Erotica for Couples
is one of the first three books chosen for the maiden voyage of Violet Blue's FAST AND EASY BOOK CLUB. See what Alison Tyler has to say about the first three books over at Tiny Nibbles. Nifty!

And good thing #B (yes, I am joking)...

Look at how generous I am giving you two pieces today instead of just one. That is three whole pieces of my upcoming paranormal novel's cover (art by Willsin Rowe, baby). Don't forget to click it. It gets bigger. Heh. If I had a dollar for every time I heard...never mind.

Have a superb Mother's Day. The man has fed me, given me my B12 injection (because nothing says love like a hypodermic needle to the upper arm) and now we will wake up some angry offspring so I can have my preseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent. And then later MIL is coming for dinner. Ole!

Hope you have a rocking good day with your Mom or Mom substitute.



  1. You're a busy mom today! So very kind and giving on the two puzzle pieces. B12 must make you generous. I was actually looking up b12 injection prices today. Does it make you feel better? I'm going now to eat Thia and Mylasian food. Yum!

  2. Janeen, considering that my B12 was so deficient when they discovered it that they weren't quite sure how I was staying upright and mobile, I'll say yes! It has helped me tons. I was also severely D deficient. If I weren't medically deficient, I'd go with supplements, but if you are lacking, then injections can be adjusted to because they do pay off!

    Hope that food was good. It sure sounds good! Happy M's Day one more time :)



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