Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Domenick Lombardozzi of Breakout Kings and...

Jason Stantham...

and Dwayne Johnson...

got together and had a baby. It would look like Johnny Rose. Who is Johnny Rose? Long story. And it starts here.

I promised Wanderlust readers I'd share my mental image. Now I have. You can thank me later ;)

Beyond that, today has been spent wrestling Createspace to get Gritty into print eventually and working on two paranormals. One short. One long. (((that's that she said))).

Happy Hump Day, y'all.



  1. Interesting. Of the 3, Jason Statham probably comes closest to my mental image of Johnny.

  2. Aha, I was seeing no.1 before. I can see where you're going with Jason S, but the Rock Stands Alone, in my eyes.

  3. Heh, I was thinking Jason Statham-ish with Dwayne Johnson's size. Ya know, hugish and wide as a doorway, lol.

  4. That's funny. I was thinking Jason Statham the whole time. My mind immediately went there. :)

    BTW, I love Breakout Kings and Dominic Lombardozzi. He was amazing on the Wire, too.

    --Heidi (ps Sommer, I can't comment either, so I had to go Anon!)

  5. See... I'm thinking Domenick is a bit closer for me. Anyway, this post triggered me to remember I didn't leave any comments on the last two chapters because I was out of town last weekend. So... off I go. ;)



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