Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank you, Thank you!

We did really well on our sales for Quarter 1 of 2011. I'm not sure what happened, but as I sat and tallied, I was shocked. Over 150 copies in total so far. And I haven't gotten all the numbers. As a thank you to readers, I'm putting the Dirtyville: 13 Tales of Small Town Naughty and Kinkyville: 13 More Tales of Small Town Naughty on sale for 65% off on ARe for the next two weeks. So, for a buck-oh-five a pop you can see what all the sales are about. :)


p.s. see! I'm not the only one who finds socks stimulating :)~


  1. Yay sales! Yay on-sales! Yay socks!

  2. We should do a nifty little Seuss-ish rhyme about sales in socks. lol :D

  3. Socks rock! So does Dirtyville!

    Sock Dreams certainly inspired my Dirtyville heroine :)

  4. I remember the socks in your story. I coveted them :)


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