Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wanderlust part 59 "I'm not that bendy"

Don't forget, yesterday was a fucktastic mess here at UF. If you last left Johnny in the shower and Really ushering Charlie out, read #58 before you read *this*.

Off to get blue streaks in my hair. BLUE. STREAKS. WOOHOOO!

You might see me later, but don't expect any more Wanderlust until Monday. This here is the last thing written. Heh. ~~~~>

part 59
by Sommer Marsden

“Get me out of here,” I said.

It was a mission now. To leave this place behind. I tossed my stuff in my bag as he gathered his. He eyed the stain on the carpet and I snickered.

“I gave the maid your turkey.”

That earned me a wry grin. He definitely was feeling pain since I hadn’t told him I loved him too. Maybe he was worried that I didn’t. But to really tell him properly, I had to have that moment where I couldn’t not say it. I didn’t want the first time I said it to a man, and meant it, to be tainted by anger or hurt.

“You mean to throw out, right?” he laughed.

“No. As her lunch.”

There was a genuine bark of laughter from him then. He winked at me and dropped to the bed, holding his head for a moment.


“A bit. Not bad. Not as bad as you’d think. I just feel like an ass. And yeah. A little headache.”

“There wasn’t anyone…while you were gone. I mean, you didn’t—“

“There was no one but me and Jack Daniels, Really. I promise.”

He was a mess, but he wasn’t a liar.

I nodded, relieved. Both because I needed one and because I needed a break, I said, “I’m hopping in the shower and then we’re hopping in the car. Right?”


“And we will finish up in Utah and then on to Nevada.”

Where you can really party…

“Right. Before we hit Nevada, I want you to see something, though.”


“I’m not telling. Go on,” he said. He waved me off.

I cranked the hot water and stood there. It was half reward, half punishment, I think. If there’d been a phone in the bathroom I would have called Bren. Instead, I had to council myself.

“When you’re not angry anymore you’ll tell him. When you feel better. You will not lord this over him or withhold affection. You will not use emotions as a weapon or any of that bullshit.”

I blew out a sigh, rinsed my hair and cut the water. As an afterthought, I added, “Om…”

“Who are you talking to?” he called.

“Myself. Coming!”


That made me laugh. “You wish!” I called.

When I opened the door, he was standing there. Filling the doorway and bigger than life. “It could be arranged.”

“I just want to leave,” I stammered. But the look in his eyes shot through me like a burst of heat.

“You’re all wet.” He traced his finger from between my breasts, down my belly to my navel. The muscles there flickered at twitched at the soft stimulation.

“I am,” I said. My voice a puff of air in the foggy bathroom.

“Just one more for the road?”

I started to move past him and he stopped me. “Johnny?”

“Hold the door frame,” he said.

“I’m not that bendy,” I said, smiling.

He dropped to his knees and nudged my knees apart with his hands. “You don’t need to be.”

He leaned in and kissed my belly, right above my mound. His tongue lapped beaded water from my hipbones and when he leaned in, basically on hands and knees, and pushed his lips to my pussy, I grabbed the door frame so I didn’t fall.

I wanted to say something, say anything, but nothing would come out. So I just sighed and watched his shadowed scalp as he moved between my legs. His tongue tracing my outer lips to expose and nudge my clit. He sucked it in, licked it with the flat of his tongue, sucked it in, and licked again. He never repeated the pattern and I was dizzy with anticipation.

I was off edge, spinning, falling, eager for more. His fingers dipped inside of me, thrusting deep and then curling to my G-spot so a heat spread through my womb and my cunt gripped him tight.

The heat felt like it touched my toes, my face, my fingers. I felt like white light and electricity. I let my head fall back and pushed my hips forward and opened myself to his probing mouth and the slippery goodness of his thrusting tongue.

When I came, he kept right on going. His big hands trapping my knees so they stayed locked to hold me up. He kept going even as I said, “Stop—oh, stop—too much, too much, too much…”

He kept going when that bled into, “Don’t stop. Right there. Again.”

The way he sucked my clit, the pressure and then the teasing sweeps all came together to push me back over into another fierce orgasm. My body jittering like I was dying. My face flushed with pleasure, so hot I could feel the red stain of blush on my skin.

I dropped my hands to his head and stroked it. I let myself find his shoulders and when I did bend-fall-fold forward to him, he caught me.

When he kissed me, he tasted like me. And him. He tasted so fucking sweet.

“Now I’ll get you out of here,” he said.

We carried our stuff down to the car. On the way to the highway, we passed the bus station. I thought of Charlie Russo and his apparently ignorant girlfriend. I thought of too many beers and bad bar food and a man who acted like an ass when all was said and done. But acted like an ass for me.

I thought it was possibly the most dysfunction holiday ever. And here I’d thought it would be the first semi-normal one.

Maybe your normal is dysfunction…

That made me laugh. Struck me as so fucking funny that I had to wipe my streaming eyes as I laughed.

“Want to share?”

“Not really. I am just…well, at the moment I am happy. If there is such a thing in my life,” I admitted.

The landscape turned alien. Utah is a crazy place. Johnny put his foot down as we hit a wide open stretch of road and I watched gorgeous splashes of nothingness drift past. We were running from that, our first Thanksgiving together, which was good.

Because what a mind fuck it had been. I wasn’t’ sure I’d ever eat turkey again. Not that I’d even eaten it this year.

He put his hand on my leg and squeezed. It was familiar and that alone made it exciting. “So what do you want me to see?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he said.


And then I was silent, watching the road and singing along.

We were born before the wind. Also, younger than the sun. Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic…



  1. Blogspot. WTF! Finally at around 11pm last night I checked to see if it was back up. I read fri. installment in the car, while my husband listened to talk radio. Ugh! Anyhoo, nice to see you back in business. And, go you...for having a backup blog. Today I am super stoked, daughter graduated with honors and is finally an RN officially. Woohoo! Now, back to Johnny. Just for shits and giggles-Really should have hit Johnny with the Turkey leg. Just sayin. And I can't wait to see what he wants to show her. But, two orgasms on his knees is a nice place to start for redemption. Really is wearing her big-girl panties. So proud of her growth. As always- you rock Sommer!

  2. Nice installment. Nice face ride. LOL

    My trip through Salt Lake took me north into Idaho once I left, and then westward to Oregon, so Johnny and Really are now driving down roads I have not traveled. At least until they get to Reno. I've done that to San Francisco.

    BOO YAH on the blue hair, Sommer.

    @Janeen, congrats to your daughter.

  3. Really's angst is a great touch, glad she's not giving in -- yet. Johnny is on the right track with his wonderful tongue. Wonder what he has to show her?

    Congrats Janeen on daughter's RN grad. Sommer girl, be sure to post of pic of the blue locks.

  4. Janeen! Mazel! And I'm glad you finally got caught up :) Have a great time today and cnograts all around!

    CJ, I traveled the old route 66 once upon a time, I belive. The way we went, we routed through Colorado. I am playing fast and loose with some of the travel. Trying to stick to a definitive 'vague route' but there are little bits that I've taken creative license with. ;)

    We shall see, Cass...As for tongue, tongue is good...who said that? lol


  5. Tongue is good, very good. (must be an echo) you look hot with your hair

  6. I am so in love with these guys, and your hawt blue peekaboos! Every installment is a beauty.

    Janeen - congrats to your daughter, your family and you. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

  7. Thanks everyone for congratulating me on my daughters behalf. It was a long time coming. Especially with her having 4 kids. I am officially follicley challenged! But, I hear rogaine works really well. And Sommer, the hair is hot!

  8. Caught up!! Just in time for tomorrow's post? *looks hopeful*

    Really has come a long way both literally and figuratively. And there is absolutely nothing like a man on his knees making good use of his tongue. ;)

    Thank you for an entertaining weekend, Sommer.



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