Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wanderlust part 61 "He buckled me in brass and leather"

Well, friends and neighbors, we've cracked 80K. I can feel the constant urge and pressure to just keep writing this book and finish it. But that's not what this journey's been about or how I've been writing it. So, it is very much, at the moment, a practice in patience for me. I suck at patience. :)

In other good news, my brand new zombie novella WE KILL DEAD THINGS comes out tomorrow from Resplendence Publishing. I. Am. Stoked! Woohoo!

Beyond all that, home again with a sick kid today. And have about a billion things to get done on the writing front. Let's see how many out of a billion I can manage. :)


part 61
by Sommer Marsden

We trickled into Nevada. The scrappy little plants and succulents forming a militaristic line showing us the way. There was sky and desert and dust. And more sky.

“I want to do something,” I said. “We’re very close.”

“We are very close. We can just keep driving, you know. We don’t have to stop.”

But I wanted to. I wanted to make a grand entrance into California. I don’t know why. I didn’t even know if we planned to stay there for the long run. Or if it was just a hit and run, where we showed up, shoved our feet into some sand, looked at some rolling banks of waves, kissed terra firma and then got back in the car.

But the destination was approaching and the trip itself had been a doozy and I wanted to do something.

“Nah. Let’s find a place. We okay on money?” I ask, remembering. It was something I had to force myself to remember. We needed to watch our money.

“We slept in the car last night, so we’re good.”

Good. We were good.

“Right! So let’s find a motel and go out.”

“Out?” He gave me a sidelong glance and a half smile. It made me horny—always—that half smile of his.

“Yes, Out. The opposite of in. We will not be in for the night. We will be out.”

“Thanks for clearing that up, professor.”

I tried to recall what I had in my bag that I could gussy up. Jeans, leggings, jeans and leggings. It was a sickness with me, apparently.

I’d figure it out.

“Can we do that?” I asked, turning to him.

“We can. As long as you don’t want to go out and blow our money or whatnot.”

“No. I don’t want to gamble—I’ve never seen the point of it, to be honest—I just want to go out.”

“Fine by me. You okay, Really?” He was watching me as if I might shoot off into orbit.

“No,” I admitted. “I am something I can only remember being a handful of times in my life.”

I was jittery, shaky and lit up with it. I felt like I’d swallowed an electrical cord.

“What’s that, Snowflake?”

I slid toward him fast on the bench deat, though he was steady behind the wheel. I kissed his cheek and then I kissed his head and then I kissed his mouth and he kissed me back. “I’m excited,” I said. “I’m fucking excited. I don’t know how to handle it.”

“Looks like you’re doing just fine.”


Our hotel room was the color of sand and sky. Pale straw colored bedspread, hot day in July blue sky. I dropped to the bed. “Wow. We are really fucking doing this.”

He leered at me. That lupine grin he managed sometimes. I curled into a ball, rolled away, laughing. I knew that look.

“We are really fucking doing this. And I love that you are getting all…”

He peeled his tee off and I watched the ripple of skin and muscle and my mouth went dry. “All what?” I breathed.

“All kinetic about it.”

The belt came out, the pants unzipped. He dropped his Levi’s and tugged his boxer briefs down to show me that he was, in fact, loving seeing me all kinetic.

“Yes, kinetic,” I breathed. Watching him. He was perfect and gorgeous and hard and I wanted him so very badly that fast. One instant. One heartbeat. One second ticked off on the clock of my life.

He came toward me and I squealed, shimmying away. Though, we both knew it was bullshit. We both knew I wanted it—wanted him.

“Come on, now. Let’s celebrate Nevada,” he growled and grabbed my ankle. He tugged me to him and I slid across the dust-colored comforter as he reeled me in.

“I don’t have time,” I lied.

“Let’s make time.”

“I can’t sit still,” I blabbed. It was half true.

“Let’s fix that” He flipped me on my belly and said, “Stay.”

I froze. On my belly. Heart banging so hard I felt the thrumming in my temples and my throat and my cunt. I heard his belt again and then that soft leather was being wrapped around my upper arms. He buckled me in brass and leather and I was bound, my arms behind my back, the buttery leather wrapped several times and secured above my elbows. Then he rolled me to my back and the pressure on my arms was uncomfortable but not painful. When he peeled my jeans off, I forgot about the discomfort.

“Are you wet for me?”

“I don’t know,” I lied.

“Let’s see.”

He peeled my panties off, pulling them gently down my legs so the lace tickled and licked over my skin. I was holding my breath, little sparkles of light bursting in my line of vision.

Johnny pried my legs wide, his huge hand clamping around—almost completely circling—my ankles. He squeezed just enough to give me a burst of pain and my body gave up a sweet rush of moisture. Making me wetter and slicker and needier for him.

Johnny smiled at me. His eyes taking in every nuance. He didn’t miss a trick. He was reading every flicker of emotion on my face. “Let’s test you out, Snowflake.”

He slid rough fingertips up my inner thighs, taking his time, making me wait. He traced my hip bones, the fleshly flare of my hips, the tops of my thighs—never ever touching my pussy—until I was panting and thrashing and then he said, “Still.”

I forced myself to freeze and just be there. Just wait.

He stroked my outer lips as if to coax me into opening.

I moaned. It slipped free of me before I even knew it was coming.

Johnny nudged his finger inside the outer lips, stroking that tender skin, and finally, blissfully, he pressed my clit. Swept his finger over it, swirled it and then…God, yes, he slid his broad fingers into my cunt and thrust.

“Johnny,” I said. It was a plea, nothing more, nothing less.

“Yes?” he chuckled.

I shook my head, no-no-no, and had no idea why. Just that the need to have him had becomes so huge my body thrummed with it.

He curled his fingers, thrust them deep, teased all the small sensitive nerves that needed his attention and when I was banging my hips up to meet him, to take his fingers deeper, he pulled them free.

“Johnny,” I said again. Begging.

“I’m coming, baby,” he said. “Hang on.”

He pushed between my legs, nudged my thighs apart, pushed his cock to my soaked slit and drove in.

My back bowed, my mouth opened and he took it in a kiss. I curled my legs around his trim waist and opened my body to take him deeper. My arms screamed, my shoulders throbbed but when his teeth came down on my collar bone and he bit me in counter time to his thrusts, I came.

A hard fast orgasm that jolted me back under him. Johnny didn’t break stride. He moved his mouth lower to suck my nipple, biting off and on so I was never secure, always off guard and the anticipation had my body on red alert.

His cock slammed deeper as he whispered in my ear, in my hair, against my throat. I had a hard time hearing him over my own breathing, my own noises, the rustling of bed sheets and the smacking of bodies. But I heard words like; perfect, love, beautiful, strong, happy, good…

His hands came down on my hips and held me fast. He used his grip as leverage, sliding so far into me my body could do nothing but grip him up. My pussy almost unbearably tight, the ache in my shoulders a bittersweet accent to the pleasure.

His face went serious and his eyes grew dark and he fucked me just a touch faster and he said, “I love you, Really. And I’ll just keep saying it now until you’re ready.”

I bit my lip, moved up to meet him.

“Come for me, Snowflake,” he said and grinned. And then he was coming, his face softening just at touch. And it was the grin that did me in.

I came with him, clutching my hands together behind my back because it was all I could reach.


  1. OK, now she needs to say it. She's torturing the poor man. Not that a woman like Really would ever do that just to earn the punishment, of course.

  2. Hmm...really? I guess we'll find out :D

  3. Whoa. Late for work. Had to go find the dh after this part.

    "perfect, love, beautiful, strong, happy, good…"
    le sigh

    Curious as to the perfect circumstances for her to tell him. Hmmmm...???


  4. Excellent, excellent. So sexy, so energetic. So super good. We needed this. For Really, she needed it.

  5. Mmm, that installment was like desert with my coffee. But, when big alphas go all rough and then tender while professing love? I would have been done for! Nothing but a melty puddle.

  6. Yes melty puddle, what Janeen said.

  7. thank you. all you melty gooey puddles. :)

  8. Oh. Where's my comment? I agree with everyone else's, that was mouthwateringly delicious. And melty in the extreme.

  9. I read this earlier but didn't get to comment. Wow. Love this. And wish my own personal alpha weren't so damned far away!


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