Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wanderlust part 64 "a burst of light in a very dark world"

Morning, kidlets. Boy did we have some huuuuuuuge thunderstorms last night around oneish. Hours. Anyway, that's the closest thing you're going go to coherent from me at the moment. How about you try this on for size and I'll have another cuppa...


part 64
by Sommer Marsden

It was the shower first. Hot, hot water, lots of steam and us using every excuse in the book to touch each other. Soaping backs and fronts and naughty bits. Kisses and embraces and under it all, like a fault line, ran this shiver of excitement in me that I had just lived out that fantasy.

And this memory would be sweet. I couldn’t quite tell if I had any desire to ever do it again, but it had been done. Pretty, sexy Mercury had been done. By me. And I had been done by him.

“Do you think it’s true?” I asked Johnny, soaping his cock.

“Do I think what’s true? And fuck, Really, how am I to think anything at all when you’re doing that?”

I grinned at him. “Do you think what Mercury said is true. We are so into each other it’s like a third person in the room. Like an…entity?”

He pushed me to the cool tile and pinned me between his arms. Johnny mashed his broad, wet chest, festooned with gems of hot water to my breasts and licked my lower lip and then my top lip. He kissed my eyelids and my cheekbones. His mouth grazed my hairline and my neck. And then he whispered, lips pressed to my ear, “Yes.”

I sucked in a shuddery breath and it was a struggle getting my startled body to breathe. “Let’s shave your head,” I said, because my brain was scrambled and it was all I could think to say.

“Right. Let’s do that. Straight razor or regular?”

“God, don’t give the straight razor right now. I’m so flooded with adrenaline I’d probably scalp you.”

“Not interested in that, thanks.” He winked. When I stepped free of the shower, he smacked my ass so hard I yelped.

He got out and dried off.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to stay in the tub?”

“Nope.” He dropped to his knees and waited patiently. Like some great and silent warrior vigilant on his knees.

“I. Um…Okay.” For some reason it was hard for me to focus on anything with him like that. And it wasn’t the sexual nature of it. It was the intimate and somehow vulnerable nature of it.

I put the shaving cream on his scalp, running the flat of my hand over his skin. Coating him in white shaving foam, I began to drag the razor over his scalp. He found my thighs with his hands and simply held them.

“You’re shaking,” he said.

“I know.”

I rinsed the head of the razor in the sink and ran another clean line from his hairline to the back of his neck.

“Why are you shaking, Really? Did you not enjoy our little toy?”

“I did enjoy her,” I said. “I don’t know why I’m shaking.”

I expected him to slide his hands up my inner thighs. I expected him to make a move. I expected a lot. What I did not expect was him to stay silent, stay on his knees and to simply keep his hands on my trembling thighs.

I’d gotten pretty good with the whole shaving thing. I was a bit of a pro if I did say so myself. I had him smooth and clean without a nick on his head in under five minutes. I left the stubble on his face for two reasons. Firstly, I liked the stubble. Secondly, Johnny shaved every morning as it was. No need for me and my trembling hands to carve up his face.

He looked up at me and that startling blue gaze set of a burst of something akin to anxiety in my chest. But it was also akin to excitement. I remembered my father spouting off before one of their big business deals that the human body did not know the difference between good stress and bad. Between excitement and fear. It was all the same chemical soup. What did recognize the difference was the brain. The brain said excitement.

“What?” I whispered.

But I knew what.

“I’m here, Really. I’m on my knees…for you. I’ve fucked up and I’ve hurt you and you’re still here. There has to be a reason. I love you. And here I am.” He spread his hands like a praying man would when making a plea to something bigger than himself. “Still on my knees. Won’t you give it to me, Really?”

And there it was. That moment. That instant where it all came rushing at me so fast and so hard that it was like I could hear the whump in my head like some explosive had been detonated and all the air had been snatched from the room.

I felt my legs start to shake in earnest and my stomach zipped and tingled with nerves and my throat was too small and the world was too big. I put my hands no his smooth head—stroking it. His eyelids wavered like they wanted to drift shut, but he kept his gaze trained on me.

I took in a great shuddering breath and pushed my finger to his lower lip, watching the plump flesh depress with my touch. I smiled at him even though I felt a few tears break free of my lower eyelids.

“I love you, Johnny,” I said.

And then dropped to my knees.


And oh, it was so much better then. Tears. They ran and ran and I didn’t care and for every one that broke free, Johnny kissed it away.

He spread me out on those two tiny cheap-ass towels and lowered himself over me while pushing himself into me.

It was so much better. So much. And I felt so fucking naked, inside more than out. He’d seen my body, Christ, in a million different ways. But here he got to see my insides, my soul. The busted, broken, black bits and the healing, pink and shiny bits.

“Tell me again,” he said, hiking my legs up in his hands so that he could drive deeper.

I had no breath, but I found it and managed. “I love you.”

“Say my name.”

This time it was a sob, but I didn’t know why. And yet it was okay. It was fine. I could sob. I could cry. I could beg, plead, yell, scream and confess. Because it was all okay.

We were face to face and already I was on the verge of coming. Already that release was licking at hidden muscles and flesh. His eyes burned into me, his scar seemed to glow. A good man who thought he was bad. A savior who thought he was demon.

“I love you, Johnny,” I said. “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. I. Love. You.”

He pressed his forehead to mine and it was fast and it was blissful. We both came, a burst of light in a very dark world.



  1. Ohhh - that was SO worth waiting for! Absolutely wonderful.

  2. Yay, she said it. Yes yes yes!

    Wait, did I just sound like an Herbal Essence commercial there?

  3. Well worth waiting for. So perfect it deserves to be posted all on its own.

  4. Aw, finally. Johnny on his knees, he Mack trucked all over her heart.

  5. Another magic moment. Beautiful, passionate, sexy and so romantic. Now I can breathe again. Great writing, Sommer.

  6. @Cassie Breathing. That's what I forget to do while reading. If Sommer had posted three chapters yesterday, I might have passed out.

  7. @Bearlee, I think you're right. Three chapters I would have fainted too.

  8. So worth the wait. Beautiful, sexy, romantic, touching...

    Girl got skillz.

  9. So, thanks to you all for weighing in. Now...does anyone want to hear me say that I finished Wanderlust today? (o_O)


  10. *Gasp*. Say it isn't so! :(

  11. Oh dear, oh dear, I'm excited and nervous and excited and flustered. Perhaps a sequel to follow?


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