Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 and 11

How did I forget to give you your hunks of paranormal man this weekend? I blame the trash and chainsaws (see Saturday blog ;) ).

Still under the weatherish today but not so FAR under. So that is good!


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  1. Puzzle is coming along nicely. And I have to say, " me likey"! Glad you're on the up swing to feeling better. I think I'm past the hump also, but still feel like "dead man walking." Oh yeah, you asked about a list? My list of both likes and hates are close to yours. Cunt has always been at the top of the list of dislikes. However, I am becoming more tolerant. Desensitized? Maybe. Also jizzum, kinda nasty. And lougey, not the word as much, just don't want to see or touch, said lougey! Nasty!!!! I would to your list of likes, writh.(sp?) and maybe, pulsing? Well, because everyone is on vacay but me, I'm being forced out of my self imposed confinement to take care of business. Ugh!!!! Feel better Sommer!


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