Monday, June 13, 2011

Call For Submissions: New Writers

Call for Submissions

I want newbies, youngbloods, fresh meat, green around the gills

I am looking to put together another mini anthology. But this time, I want the writers that no one has had a taste of yet. Virgin blood. So you may submit to this anthology only IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN PAID FOR YOUR WORK.

What does that mean? Money! Have you ever received money for your work? If yes, then no matter how laughably tiny the amount, that means you may not submit. And PLEASE no fake pen names pretending to be newbies. I'm holding the established writers on their honor.

(Update: due to a flood of quesitons, here is the update~ money equals money. If you've won a contest, does not count. If you've been paid to insert a link into your blog, does not count. Has someone paid you X amount of dollars or cents for your words? Then that DOES count. As for "What if I have not been paid when I sub but get paid while you have my work?" Well...if you have not been paid when you send your submission to me, then you can go ahead and hit send. No one can control the future, not even me. No matter how hard I if you fit in that niche, send away.)

So what next?

Dirty stories from 2,500 and up (nothing over say 5K please) are eligible. Topics are open except the standard no-no's. Which I will spell out since you are new.

~~~~>No sex with the underaged (under 18), animals (shifters don't count), dead things or people (barring undead supernatural creatures). No scat. No snuff.

FORMAT: double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point, set at .5 indentation for first line of the paragraph only. PLEASE DO NOT USE HARD TABS.
*If you do not format correctly, I will skip reading your entry no matter how good it is. Why? Because I'm super busy and if you sub to a publication, you need to follow the rules. Capiche?

Here's the most important part: PLEASE POLISH YOUR WORK. Read it, put it away. Read it again and put it away. Then read it out loud to yourself. Seriously. Your ear will hear your errors. Do I expect it to be perfect? No, said the woman who once put "He stroked her cheese" instead of "He stroked her cheek." I do not. But I do expect you to make it as close to perfect as you can.

DEADLINE: August 31, 2011. Release date is up in the air. If that bothers you, don't sub. This (as of right now) will be an ebook put out by my little press December Ink.


I'll be using 10 stories max. December Ink takes 25% of the cut, the remaining 75% is split evenly among the ten contributors and each will receive an ebook copy (print too if it ever goes to that). You could make a bunch of money. You could make hardly a thing. I ask for 3 months exclusivity and then you are free to go ahead and sell your work elsewhere.

Your work stays in the book as long as it's for sale, and that means you receive royalties as long as it's for sale.

Submissions should be sent to marked SUBMISSION: [YOUR TITLE] BY [YOUR AUTHOR NAME]
In your email please put:
Your name
Your pen name
Your mailing address
your contact email
A short bio

Good luck! Any questions can be sent to the same email addy. :)


  1. No theme to work to, other than 'previously unpublished authors'? Just 'an erotic story', and a word count range?

    *lets imagination run wild*

  2. Lovely idea :)

    Can I ask a question? What exactly does 'no hard tabs' mean? Does it mean you can't use the tab key you have to move the space in yourself? This is one of these little things I worry about.

  3. Nope. No theme. go for it!

    It means if you go into Word. Under paragraph, under the heading set the one marked "Left" to .5 and then set the tab marked "Special" to "first line".

    Yes, it means do not use your tab key. Ebook formatting doesn't like that. lol

  4. Would the unpublished status be at the time of submitting the story or something else? There's a good chance I'll be published by the time the anthology comes out.

  5. (Weeping.) I was SO excited about this. But I did win $25 in a contest a billion years ago. Plus a gift card a few weeks ago.

    I'll just have to wait and enjoy the collection when it comes out.

  6. Winning a contest does not count. That is winning. A gift card does not count, those are goods.

    WE will pay you X amount of dollars/cents for X amount of words, here is your check. That counts.

  7. Thank you for kindly answering that word processing question, I really appreciate it!

    Sadly, as I've been paid for writing, I can't contribute - no, wait! I'm not sad about being paid for writing, this is one exemption I'll accept gratefully :)

  8. Can we submit things that we have previously posted to our (personal, non-internet-famous) blogs/livejournals?

  9. I've been paid for poetry, not fiction, but I assume that lets me out - work is work. Good luck to the fresh meat! :D

  10. What if you've been paid for another form of writing, but not literature/fiction?

  11. If you have been paid for your writing--any kind, sorry, you're not eligible for this particular call.

  12. I have another question. Include the manuscript as an attachment, in .doc format? I was sure I read that earlier, but apparently my mind filled in that blank all by itself.


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