Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father Knows Best...

What kind of smut he likes to read. So today (Saturday, June 18) and tomorrow (Sunday, June 19th), send me your preference and I'll send you a pdf of any of my titles*. This offer runs on US/EST time so at midnight tomorrow night, it's over. The fat lady will have sung. She's so noisy. I keep calling the cops on her...

So if you are a dad, about to be a dad, or working on becoming a dad...or an honorary dad to someone, then what do you have to do?

1. Email me at hot4sommer[at]yahoo[dot]com with DAD GIVEAWAY in the title line. Inside tell me what title you'd like on pdf and where you want me to send it. Also include your second choice should there be a problem.
2. Remember one title per customer.
3. Have a great Father's Day!

That's all you have to do.

Now off to finish some errands and then make and Angel Food cake.

*There are a handful of titles with restricted numbers on giveaway.

p.s. how much do I love that ancient ad? It speaks to the spanking lover in me. It was in a bunch of ads my aunt sent me under the heading YOU'LL NEVER SEE ADS LIKE THIS ANY MORE! boy there are some real doozies in there...
p.p.s. Which also reminds me I cam across a boon of vintage magazines lately and scooped them up. For fun I sent a handful to Alison Tyler. She said, "Oh, I loved them. I learned I should cover everything in seashells while I smoke!"...seriously, every other page was an ad for cigarettes!

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