Thursday, June 23, 2011

first stories, bad advice and zombie parts

The fabulous Cassie Exline has me over at her blog today. I'm stoked! I've known Cassie since my Ruthie's Club days, so we've known each other for about *cough*--x years! Wow!

We talk about first stories, bad writer advice, Wanderlust and zombie parts. I mean, parts--as in excerpts--of both of my zombie exterminator books. There's a little bit of reading over there for all who might be interested.

And now the day is going to kick my ass, spank me, drain me dry, eat my braiiiiiiiiiiiinz. It's looking to be a busy one.



  1. Oh. I totally read that as bed advice. I hope you're winning over your day x

  2. *snerk*

    Maybe it's bad bed advice? Kill two birds with one stone?

  3. I don't know where you two are getting your bed advice from, but I assure you, my bed advice and the advice I tend to get in bed is not bad. And there are no birds or stones allowed in my bed either. ;P


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