Friday, June 10, 2011

*I predict great things for this book's future*

Heh. Alison Tyler swears I'm psychic. She even called me the other day and said so. Want to know how psychic I am? Go here. Pretty freaky-awesome-cool, yes?

So yesterday I decided I had not really given COUPLING its fair shake and it was all nekkid and whatnot on Amazon so I put out a call and asked for ratings and ended up handing out a handful of pdfs for review to interested parties. And then last night this--which was totally unrelated to my blog!: 4 hearts!

Ha, ask and you shall receive, build it and they will come, or in this case moan that you want more reviews and they shall spring up like wildflowers in June.

Ta and da! Awesomeness. Thanks to SHBR for reviewing!


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