Thursday, June 9, 2011


Coupling is my best seller at the moment. For a few weeks, actually. In fact, I was tickled pink to send out some nice royalties to the authors I share that cover with this month. That always makes my week.

I have seen my baby in Violet Blue's Fast and Easy Book Club as seen through the eyes of Alison Tyler herself (one of our authors, yay!). I have pimped it, adored it, buffed it and shined it and received nice emails about it. Comments and Kudos. And is naked. Naked! on Amazon.

If you've read it and enjoyed it, will you pop over and give it a review? Give it a rating? Toss a scarf or a pair of pumps or even an itty bitty negligee over its nekkidness?

Haven't read it? Want to so maybe you too can clothe my naked book? Shoot me an email at hot4sommer [at] yahoo [dot] com. I have a handful of pdf's I'll send out if you're willing to rate/review.



  1. Will be happy to read and review once the weekend gets here. You know, in my copious spare time. But I've snagged enough of your free reads lately that I'll gladly pay for the Kindle edition of this one. Pornreaders FTW!

  2. oh look, it did not save my comment. who woulda THUNK THAT??? X-D

    I said: thanks, CJ! That is sweet.

    there. Now I am duct taping it to the blog. 0,0

  3. Blogger, dropping things in the bit bucket? Who would ever have thunk such a thing was possible? 0_o


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