Sunday, June 26, 2011

No choice in the matter...

I woke up with the next book totally running like a movie in my head. I guess it's time to get on it, then. Sitting here with page three going and a cup of coffee. I figured I'd come in and share some good reviews while I'm thinking of it.

Tomorrow, I hope to be feeling up to stealing off to the local beach for a bit with the kiddos. It would be nice to push my toes into some warm sand and watch the water just...water...for a bit. :) Hope your Sunday is great and lazy.


We Kill Dead Things rec'd 4.5 stars from NOR. How great is that?

I want to know what happens with all four of these fighters, and I hope Ms. Marsden keeps them as likeable and smart as they are here.

Read the whole review here.

And Blank got four kisses from Top 2 Bottom Reviews. Mmm. We love kisses! The real kind and the chocolate kind too.

Blank is a short and powerful story, permeated by a sense of despair that is skillfully translated through Sommer Marsden’s prose.

Read the full review here.

*Thanks, as always, to reviewers for taking the time to read me. :)

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