Sunday, June 5, 2011


[[[the only kind of hot little oven I wish to discuss...]]]

Okay, I have been working a ton lately. Thusly, I have noticed some patterns in my work--new and old--that amuse me. I also happen to love lists in a nearly sinful fashion. So here are a few word lists for this gray and damp Sunday:

Names I Like That I Think I Have Not Used But When I Find Older Works Realize, Hey! I Have. Often.:

Matthew (Mattie/Matty)
Jason, Jake, Justin, Jacob, Jim, Josh (basically plug in any name with a J. I have a hard-on for them dontchaknow)

I also do this weird thing where I write a short story with a character (like "Short and Sweet" for Best of Both antho) and then write books with that character name (like the Zombie Exterminator books). Both instances=Poppy as the female character.

Words I love:

cock cock cock cock
hot (yes, two times)
cunt (I have cum...I mean come back to add this due to comments below)

Words I Hate:

vagina (sorry. it's true. to me it sounds like an island. We come to you now, live from the Island of Vagina, to report this late breaking news...see? Or is that just me?)
euphemisms including but not limited to: hot little love box, honey pot, love oven, spear, rod, pole, knob, etc.

And to think, once upon a time, I only hated the word cunt. And the first time I typed it I looked around to see if anyone had "heard" me. Now I love cunt (heh) and hate hot little love boxes. Boy how the world changes just ask Charlie, Matthew, Jason, Josh, Jim, Jake and Tim...

Now you! Tell me your words!



  1. I hear you talking, uh, typing. I love the name -- Sam. Used the name in two series and my cousin, yep, my cousin called me on it. "Don't you know any other name? You're confusing me."

    She was right, so Sam became -- are you ready, you're going to love this? Jake. yep. lol

    Back in the good ole Ruthie's days, I used Ariel much too much.

    And I feel the same way about vagina. What a stupid word. It does sound like the name of an island.

    I love the word "pecker" makes me smile and giggle every time. heehee Granted it's not easy to get away with, but I do try. ;)

  2. ha..i TOO love all names with ja..which might be because three of my favourite women ever (my three sisters) have names with j...and when i think of kid names..i always come up with j names..

    there are words i like to use..and i ahve to be careful not to use them like ten time son one page ...thats a bad habbit..really..i love a word..then i use it in a sentence...then again..and once the next page i have forgotten it and start all over again with another word..awfull!!!!!

    i like vagina but not in erotic fiction..i real life when you talk about vaginas in a non sexual way i m totally fine with that..but not when its meant to be sexy...

    i actually never said the german word for cunt loud..because..uhm..thats just how i was brought up..and since i dont us ethat word..i also never wrote it..until my first publisher said: danielle...just because YOU dont use the words that doesent mean your characters dont say it either!!!

    so now my charakters male and female use that word quite often...

    love oven? seriously???? i hate all of these sweet and sticky barbara cartland wortcreations where he pushes his shivering column of lust in her twitching, hone ydripping, petal-pink love grotto...seriously..thats simply a boner killer for hope that wasnt rude...

  3. Ha! I read a great parody of euphemism-sex once, in which his hardness and/or maleness hovers in the vicinity of her softness and/or wetness and/or openness and both parties hyperventilate like crazy while docking procedures are being negotiated, whereupon !!! *IT* !!! happens in some hypothetical subjunctive null-space, and then both parties come in a burst of metaphors.

    Sounds just like sex in real life, n'est-ce pas? ;-)

    I find myself frustrated that a cock is a cock is a cock, but it's impossible to settle the great cunt/pussy debate in a manner that will satisfy all readers.

  4. Ooh look at all the words and gripes. LOL

    I remember something of your w/Sam from Ruthie's, Cass. LOL. Boy how I used to get spanked for name choices. Remember? ;)

    Danielle, I have no issue with non-sexy vaginas either. LOL. It's in context that I find that word off putting.

    I agree CJ. A cock is a cock is a cock and a cunt should be a a cunt.

    But some like pussy (the word). I tend to like harder words more than soft words. So to me, pussy just makes me want to meow (but never purr ;) )


  5. hmmm..somehow the idea of you meowing turns me on...:-)))

    bad writer bad bad writer:-) (me..not you)


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