Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the zombies are coming!

Early it seems! I was slotted to have the release date of 6/29 for this hot and sexy (hexy?) book. But here it is three weeks early :) Tada, No Guilt, book #2 in the Zombie Exterminators series. I swore I'd never do books with sequels and here you see...I am a liar.

Anyway, I must've been a good girl and Santa made a special summer trip to bring me my new shiny book. With my new shiny cover. And look! A new shiny blurb~~~~~~~~>

Poppy has a lot to feel guilty about. Or so she thinks. The hand she had in the death of her father, her inability to save her mother, the urge she has to have just a bit more than the love of a good man. That bit more being a threesome with their friend and fellow zombie exterminator, Cahill. And it doesn’t matter that Garrity, Cahill and even Noah are fine with it. Deep inside, Poppy’s wrestling with herself.

It’s all Poppy can do to keep her focus on their latest case—hunting a creeper who keeps returning to the same spot like some undead homing pigeon. The exterminators have made it their mission to help the neighborhood where the zombie’s been spotted time and again. Under it all, Poppy’s trying to help herself accept her emotions and her needs. But she keeps coming back to guilt.

It’s sort of eating Poppy alive. Which is ironic given they hunt dead things that eat folks alive, the dark humor isn’t lost on her. The thing Poppy never really realized about guilt is yes, it eats you up on the inside, but it’s not just that. If you don’t overcome it, guilt can be deadly.

Woohoo! Makes for a hell of a hump day.


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  1. I tells ya, I'm diggin' that girl on the cover. It's the smile and the eyebrow, and that cool blue hair...


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