Friday, July 8, 2011

Control by Charlotte Stein (a book review, yo)

I rarely ever do this, but I so very much LOVED this book, that I wanted to post the review on my blog. If you do not own it, get it. Top/bottom/middle of the sandwich person. Whatever you're into, get it. You'll like it. Trust me. (Esp if you love some humor with your filth).

Review of Control by Charlotte Stein
by Sommer Marsden
Five Stars

Urgh! If I had six stars to give, I'd give this book six stars. I adored it. I more than adored it, I adored and worshiped it and ate it in three big bites.

One of the most original erotic novels I've ever read. I loved every single character, including the one I wasn't supposed to, but secretly sort of was. Which means this book was pretty much finessed out of its pretty little panties (I imagine them to be yellow for some reason)

The most brilliant part was the tension, sexual and otherwise and I'd read sections where I became so turned on I thought I might die of it (or possibly explode spontaneously) and then I'd turn the page or read the next line and there'd be some incredibly clever line and this huge burble of laughter would just rush up out of me and I'd think: "oh. oral orgasm."

Because that is what it was to a T. A pressure build up and then an extremely well executed release.

Trust me, Control, would make me want to try topping if I weren't such a good bottom. So, bottom line: fabulous, funny, filthy. The perfect erotic novel. I loved Charlotte Stein before but now I'd like to move to Whereverthehellshelives and open a dirty book store with her. Maybe she'd make me stand in a corner. If I'm lucky.

Seventy trillion stars!


  1. Well on that recommendation I'm downloading it to my Kindle and adding it to my weekend reading list.

  2. oh, that gives me a warm fuzzy :)

  3. Given how I felt about Reawakening, seeing a review like this doesn't surprise me. I'm shocked I don't already own Control. *downloads*

  4. 'Oral orgasms'- I'll have to remember that one :)

    Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. YAY! Everyone go get it. Now! did ya get it yet?


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