Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's so...*big*

*gasp* I love the feel of it in my hand (*snort* yes, am being deliberately dirty).

Yay! pretty contributor copies for Gritty!!!

Comparison. Wanderlust smushed between Gritty and Learning to Drown

I love a good sturdy book that can stand up for itself.

But seriously. It will be shrinking. There's large print and then there's redonkulous. I'm gonna drop it to a 10font and probably shrink it by a few hundred pages. (And drastically lower the price). Lord.



  1. Oh! Beautiful. I love the moment when author copies arrive, when you can physically pick up your hard work.

    But yeah, that's a hefty tome! ;)

  2. Sheesh! How many pages is that? Did you do your print copies thru creates ace?

  3. Yay! I love books in the mail, Shar!

    It is 777 pages. I just cut it to about 389 by making it 10 font, and tweaking some issues. I'm learning little tricks along the way. :)

    P.S. Maybe one day this one will be like a collector's item or some such ;)

  4. You want to touch it don't you?...(heh) ;)

    It will be 369 pages and half the price providing the second galley turns out as nice as I think. :)

  5. That's awesome! I love the color of your nails with the book! And yeah, Create Space is definitely a big learning curve. I did it all backwards the first time...


  6. It's gorgeous! Can't wait. And as for autographed, well, I'll just have to do it one of the old fashioned ways - I send it to you (return postage paid of course), and you scribble in it and send it back, OR...

    I stalk you outside your house until you finally come out to get me to go away after the tenth day. EHEHEHEHEHEHE.

    Kidding. Option one is the only way to go.

  7. If that book was a vibrator, it would render men obsolete.

    It's so big other books silently question their binding, envious. :>


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