Sunday, July 24, 2011

my paperback winner has been contacted and now my wiener...

shall be walked...if we can rouse him. It's super cool today! It's only 95 as we speak. You know it's a sad state of affairs when you consider 95 and humid "cooler". Jeesh. Off we go. Want to walk the dachshund now before he goes from just a hot dog to a cooked dog.

Happy Sunday. If you didn't win today, don't give up hope! I plan to do a zombie giveaway soon. One as a guest blogger and another one right here. So if zombies, lots of sex and excitement are your thing, stay tuned. :D



  1. This is just hilarious! Did he slide off the arm of the sofa? Or just go to sleep upsidedown?

  2. LOL. Well, see that one brown cushion that's mangled under him? That is the large back cushion he has declared as his. He sleep on top of it stretched along the back of that end of the sofa. But as you can see, he's totally mangled it and turned it into a lumpy mish mash at this point. so it will collapse on him and slowly tilt him. He apparently tilted just so, hit the throw pillow which redirected him, which he then slowly slid down and...voila! he is not picky. He tends to snooze where he lands. ;)

  3. This is definitely a dog with character.


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