Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pull it into the truck stop and get yourself some Scrapple made out of sexy...

So, my exercise addiction is back to 150% just like in the old days. Today was 65 minutes on the bike in front of Starsky and Hutch while stealing sneaks at passages from KD Grace's book The Initiation of Ms. Holly. And then kettlebells because I do not want my upper half to collapse into my lower half.

I love Starsky and Hutch. Love, love, love. And yes, being born in 1971 (which used to sound so recent and now sounds so fucking far back) I LOVED THE SHOW. Truly. I had pale yellow tee with a Starsky and Hutch iron-on on it. And I had a Starsky and Hutch play set complete with plastic gun and handcuffs (that I promptly handcuffed my BFF to the oven door with and proceeded to lose the key. My mother had to butter her wrists to get her free). So, I am a total 70s child.

Anyway, you are so welcome for this clip and that rambling blog about nothing at all. Ha!

Happy Saturday.

p.s. Anyone who says endorphins do not make you happy is not sitting on my numb ass right now. *snort*
p.p.s. I guess I should write something now, hunh?

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  1. Can I just say how much I hate hate hate when Hollywood decides to 'redo', 'reinvent', or 'reboot' a beloved icon from my misspent youth? Especially when they do it with an ironic twist? Starsky and Hutch the 70's TV show was awesome. Starsky and Hutch the 2004 movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson? So far beyond lame it's not funny.

    Also, how great a character was Huggy Bear? You just don't see characters like that on television anymore.


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