Saturday, July 30, 2011

"There is quite a bit of sex, of course..."

is my favorite line from the five heart review of Schooling over at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. For some reason, that little string of words just made me smile! Plus Schooling is up in the right hand sidebar for book for the book of the month poll. So if you read it and loved it go click that button for me, baby! it again...

That's the spot. ;)



  1. Interesting. With that book cover someone really thought they needed to mention there was quite a bit of sex in the book. Gee, I sure as hell hope so.

  2. Well, you'd be surprised at how many writers I know who have been slammed by readers due to so much sex. So I think some reviewers make sure to point it out. I actually got a very bad review from a reader on amazon for a story that she had NO IDEA was erotica. she said. Even though the entire thing was marked EROTICA, 18+ ONLY, EXPLICIT CONTENT etc.

    Apparently, some folks take the 'Don't judge a book by its cover" to the extreme. That book could be about....defective ladies' tanks that need to be removed. Ya know?


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