Friday, August 26, 2011

I am ready for this...

A nice boring fall day. Leaves and sunshine. Jeans and boots and maybe a cozy sweater. Sitting and shooting the shit with someone I love talking to. Absolutely zero brain aneurysms, emergency surgeries or storms that include marble sized hail. No breaking out in hives due to anxiety and no antibiotics due to broken toes. NO EARTHQUAKES and no (even more severe) storms that bring lightning so damn close to your home you're pretty sure you just felt your tongue catch fire. NO mystery broken glass all along my street and no leaking water main in my neighbor's yard (a neighbor too stubborn to do anything about it until he knows who has to pay). And absolutely, positutely NO HURRICANES.

Now if you will excuse me, I must bake a birthday cake, make appetizers, fill bottles with filtered water and other bottles with water for the um...restroom. And find batteries. And write a novella. Assess the candle situation. And drop girl child off at a sleep over

And we're not even getting hit as hard as some folks along the Eastern seaboard. So I am thinking good things for all of you folks who are/will have it worse than us.

Happy freaking Friday.

p.s. I had something else important to say and zip-bam-zoom! right out of my head. I'll come back and update when it comes back to me. Which should be right around the time I hit PUBLISH POST.


  1. Sommer sweetie - thinking nothing but good thoughts for you and all your loved ones, and for those who are/will be affected by the storms.

    Stay safe everyone!!


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