Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I want to move to Maine...

I have wanted to move there since I was a wee little girl reading Winnie the Pooh. No shit. But then I got addicted to Stephen King and that sort of sealed the deal for me. I mean, I was fifteen when I decided that if I was a writer (which I'd wanted to be since my Winnie the Pooh days) and had a book published I could totally afford to move to Maine [insert hysterical knows-better-than-that-almost-40-now laughter here]. And Hey! I'd probably run into Stephen King and I could tell him my funny Pet Sematary story.

But I digress. I still want to move to Maine. A thing the man would love to give me but he says that it could never happen because there's no real work for him there. Poo. But I have decided (after being up half the night thanks to huge thunderstorm, scared dog who tried to take over bedroom after BARKING to be let in and said man snoring) in my delirium that I am still totally hell bent on making that happen.

So buy my books! Help me go to Maine! The more breadwinnerish I am, the better my odds.

Is that not the most stunning slightly-stupid-from-sleep-deprivation-and-odd-possibly-food-poisoning-stomach-thing blog you have ever heard?

But the smut goes on and I am currently in this location as we speak. [In my head, natch]

Carry on. That is all.

p.s. Remember! Buy my books! Help me move to Maine! *snort*


  1. Hmm. You should talk to Erobintica about renting her writer cabin in the woods in Maine!

  2. I've been to Stephen King's house in Maine. Not inside, of course, but I stood outside and took pictures at his gate. My in-laws live about forty minutes away from him, in a tiny town called Brooks. They have a cabin, if you ever need a trial run.

    My only caution is winters are a bitch!! Made the mistake of going up there in January once. Lesson learned.

  3. That looks like a great place to be (in your brain that is). As far as Maine goes I shall buy and buy and buy - what does the man do?

    Maybe networking would help him find something there...?

  4. LOL, Jo. I was just coming to tell Sommer that she can come and visit. We are aiming to get moved up to Maine in the coming year (now that all the kids are out of school - though not college). Our place in Maine is not known for it's school system. ;)

    Seriously, we plan on running writer's retreats and workshops (including for erotica authors!) - so you'll have an excuse. ;)

  5. I would totally go to that retreat, no excuse needed. lol.

    Angell, aerospace is his gig.

    January, Heidi? So all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy eh?

    Jo, speak of the devil and Erobintica appears ;)



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