Monday, August 15, 2011

my favorite shot...

from our trip. Courtesy of girl child. The view at Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA shot through a monument. My dad was a photographer. Looks as if both kiddos have picked up that artistic eye. We had a blast. We adjusted to being away from home (for the first time in 11 years! eesh) pretty fast, did a butt load of walking and had tons of good food. Brought back some nifty local wines from around those parts too. Yum and yum. I have more to tell, but for today I leave you with this pic.

We are having big thunderstorms and I have a chunk of work I must get done today. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I know me and my blisters did!!



  1. Oh, yes. She does indeed have a great eye. Well done, girl child!

  2. I'm thinking of framing it for her for Xmas. She is v. proud of that one. As she should be. :) What a view up there. Haven't been since I was a kid.



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