Monday, August 1, 2011

our big (((fat))) day out...

I woke early and thanks to my August media diet (done with Daisy Harris and Cari Quinn to help keep our writer sanity) I was super prolific. Logging 1,800 + words between 8.30 and 10.30. That includes coffee, waking zombies...I mean minions, getting everyone situated etc.

Then we set out into the day to see what we could see. We ate at Noodles & Company (I forgot to ask for rice noodles and um...later in the day...big mistake) and then we hit Wegman's. See, Aisling Weaver has me hooked on all this fancy schmancy chocolate she sent. And by me I mean me and the beggars I live with. So we all had a mission.

Mine: to get this crew OUT OF THE HOUSE for some fun
Girl child: more bacon chocolate and possibly other kinds
Boy child: ten tons of bulk candy for a friend's birthday (and some for him too, of course...duh)
The Man: Blue Point Oysters


We found a little bit of candy as you can see...

And dick! The spotted kind (but we left that at the store, thank you very much)

Here's just some of my personal score...Gluten free s'mores anyone?

We also snagged some kind of salami, Moody Blue Cheese, Parmesan (the good stuff), Wild Planet tuna, um...wait...sushi! and gummi bears and Warheads and...I forget. The bottom line is I spent a ton of money, got in the car, turned to the man and said "What did I just buy?"

So we're having leftovers for actual dinner because we have a ton of goodies to sample as you can see.

When I came home I did 45 minutes of kettlebells as penance. (That's a lie. I just love to do it, but it makes me sound super good and saintly, don't it?)

Anyhoo, I'm off to write some more. I hope you had a super good, Monday.

Sinner...I mean Sommer


  1. So are you getting lean and muscley? Musclier?

  2. Actually, I am. But I'm trying not to focus on that part of it. Just the fact that I feel so much better physically and mentally when I work out and that I really do have fun doing it. Even on the days i am sure I DO NOT WANT TO, make a deal with myself that I'll just do one of them (there are four and each is roughly 20 mins and the warm up is 5 mins). I almost always end up doing two of them once I start.


  3. Oh, wow! The pics look so cool!



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