Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out of the woods...

She is! Doing well and probably home by the weekend. Thank you all--on the blog, on Twitter, on Facebook and behind the scenes--for your good thoughts and prayers. I truly believed they helped and I sincerely appreciate it more than I can ever say.

I have been working a lot during all this waiting and worrying. So I have a book to send off soon sometime this week and a novella to finish. In other news I am taking my SIL's kids, my niece and nephew, duh...and MY two kids (do the math, that's FOUR teenagers) to get school supplies today or tomorrow. Now...everyone think good things for me! And wish me luck :)

p.s. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR SHORTS FOR THE BELOW CONTEST! I know some of you have them finished and I never called it off. Please post away! Don't leave me hanging. xoxo


  1. Thank you, Barbara. I think we are all ready for her to get home and set her mind to serious healing. Especially her three kids, the youngest being a very confused and upset 4 year old. :)

    I think once she gets home the recovery time will be so incredibly fast because she'll be more comfortable and in her element. She is truly a family person. So them being all around her will help a ton!



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