Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ah...cool weather...

66 degrees! 66 degrees was the high today. And rain! Fall is in the air. I can feel it coming. Socks and jeans and boots and leaves and the fire pit, hot cider...baking! Like yesterday was hot but I had apples that were going to spoil so...Gluten Free Apple Pie. Yurm. It totally like caramelized on top of a crispy sweet rice flour crust. It was gone before bed. Jeesh.

Today the weather was so cool and I was so excited, I made the boy's favorite (and GF friendly) flourless chocolate cake.

The weather made me feel so cozy I almost forgot that I started the day getting a biopsy on each arm. That is a weird feeling. Being numb but knowing they are cutting you. Blereugh. So...wish me luck! Hopefully they were just funky moles and not nefarious ones. :)


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  1. I'm so excited that fall is here too! I love the new, colourful sweaters that cover my bulges. :D And I can't wait to wear my smexy boots. The apple pie looked DELISH.


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