Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have shamelessly gotten my kids addicted to Haven, the show based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid. I had very little hope for the show at first, but it's become quite a Friday night event. Snacks, pillows, blankets and Haven. And that's saying something since I own two teens who tend to hibernate in their rooms. [(I have also sucked them into Warehouse 13, Breakout Kings (boy), Rizolli and Isles (girl), Bones (both), Supernatural (both) and Chopped (girl)--bad, bad mother...)]

Anyhoo, I wanted to find a clip of last night's episode with Nathan dancing. Girl child and I were propping each other up we were laughing so hard. But I had to settle for one of our top ten favorite TV moments...ever. If you watch the show, you'll appreciate it.

And if Duke is giving out hugs in that outfit...I'll totally be at the head of the line.

Happy Saturday.



  1. I am hopelessly addicted to Haven but my children are not yet. My boy is too you and the 20 yr old is just too busy (if she wasn't I know she would be right in the fray). But like you I'm also hooked on Rizzoli and Isles and have actually gotten daughter to sit down with me and watch it, Hubby and I are totally hooked on Warehouse 13. Awesome times! I'd take a hug from ANY of the men who are interested in Audrey....eye candy helps my addiction!

  2. Yeah, that show is awesome. I didn't like the actor who played Duke when he was on No Ordinary Family, but on Haven, he's cute and awesome.


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