Friday, September 16, 2011

Am I stopping by your neck of the virtual woods?

Woohoo! I am popping in on all my internet friends over the next two months. Why? Paranormallish goodness, that is why!

Somehow it worked out that September is zombie month and October is all about werewolves (and vamps). How that happened, I have no idea, but it’s fine by me.

Here’s what the schedule has shaped up to be thus far:

September, a month for braaaiiinnz…
9/19 Katie Salidas’s blog Written In Blood. Chance to win the all 3 zombie books!
9/21 LUNATIC FRINGE RELEASES [and the villagers rejoice! The ones who haven’t been eaten, that is…]
9/22 Victoria Blisse’s blog. She has promised to be gentle. I’m a Blisse virgin.
9/23 Justine Elyot’s blog Guilty Pleaures...guilty? moi?
9/25 Bronwyn Green’s lovely blog where my lovely Bron interviews me and I think she is lovely because I am her stalker…
9/26 Cassie Exline’s blog. I’m baaaaaaaaaack. Bring your axe.
9/28 Angell’s blog. My first time ever!
9/29 T. Harrison’s blog. Also a first. Awesomesauce.

October, the month to howl…
10/12 Rebecca Bond’s blog. I hope Ellis and I don’t shed…
10/14 Release day for BIG BAD!
10/15 Back at Katie’s Written in Blood for Vampire Awareness month. I’ll be talking about bloodsuckers in general and then maybe introduce Tyler Gent, my vamp from BIG BAD, with a snippety doo dah!
10/17 Aisling Weaver’s blog because she wants da wolf!
10/19 United by Books is having me...fur and all :)
10/20 Double time:
Erotica for All to chat about Big Bad
Kiki Howell’s blog with the whole spooky crew. Big Bad and Lunatic Fringe.
10/25 Gemma Parkes’s blog, Awhoooooo!
10/27 Back at T. Harrison’s blog to scratch up her hardwood floors with our wolf claws.
10/30 Back at Cassie’s for some howling at the Halloween moon
10/31 Drink heavily and steal candy from my kids.

Would you look at that? Wowza! Thanks to all my awesome hostesses. You rock, you roll, you do the zombie shuffle and the werewolf boogaloo!

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