Friday, September 9, 2011

And the winner is....

The lovely and talented Kiki Howell with her story Reunited. Fan favorite to be sure. Kiki will get a print copy of Gritty: Rough Erotic Fiction and something else. What that is depends on her list of favorite things. (p.s. I totally stole her author photo off her site. Isn't she adorable? I want that hair!)

Thanks to all who wrote a story for this little contest and to all the voters. We'll do it again soon. Maybe for someone's special a 40th...which is swiftly approaching. Someone...ya know...someone who is *cough-me* going to turn the FABULOUS (dammit) 4-0...

Stay tuned.

Here's our winner:

Reunited by Kiki Howell

A worn gate called to Alina like a siren. In avoidance, her gaze traveled to where the sun glistened off the rust-colored bricks and white paint of the two buildings framing the passageway. The air was thick with the promise of the energy contained there. A place memory awaited her.

Being an empath, these residual hauntings were a way of life. She felt compelled to touch the chipping gray paint, so what happened on this spot some time ago would play for her like a movie clip. She gave in, if only to stop the sensation of being choked, of her very life being in peril if she didn’t.

As her trembling fingers caressed the decorative post cap, waves of energy washed over her, overwhelming her with emotions and images. In her vision, the rain beat down, creating a small river over the cobbled ground, lapping at the feet of the couple who stood before her.

“We have so little time,” whispered the woman, who looked so much like Alina she could’ve been a sister save for the period clothing.

“We’ve discussed this much. They’re coming for me. There’s no sense running, my love. Men, death will part us.”

“Why won’t you let me use my magick to save you? Please,” she begged. While her tears were invisible with the rain on her face, Alina felt each one being shed.

No magick! This is my fate. I fear for my family should I alter it.”

He hushed her by crushing his lips against hers as he pulled her to his body. Alina felt the weight of him and of his passion, along with the sensation of dying from a loss which hadn’t even happened yet.

He pushed the woman up against the wet bricks, lifting her skirt. With her garters exposed, Alina’s eyes were drawn to the tan of his hand juxtaposed to the creamy-white of her thigh. His fingers dug into her flesh for a second. Fiddling with his own garments, she saw his heavy erection spring free and abruptly enter the woman’s folds.

Alina’s inner walls pulsed. The woman chanted and cried out. The man’s pants fell. His hard, rounded ass clenched and released.

“Stop the spell now!” he yelled, still trusting. He lifted her leg higher, and Alina could see his balls against her ass, he was buried so far inside her.

She cried, “Only ensuring…our spirits will meet again…in another life…until then…I will miss you…”

His growl echoed hers. Their bodies shuttered, and their dual climax stole Alina’s breath until she felt faint.

A voice came from behind her, “Excuse me.”

Sun replaced rain as she turned, the fire raging through her stomach searing her lungs.

“You alright?” said a man who looked like the twin brother of the man she’d watched fuck her look-a-like. Only, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt tight enough to show the hills and valleys of his chest.

She nodded.

“Do I know you?” he whispered.


  1. Congratulations Kiki- what an honor
    Dawne P

  2. Congrats Kiki! Excellent job to all writers! It was so hard to choose which one to vote for - they were all amazing!


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