Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breaking the law...breaking the law!

I'm stealing blog content today because I am totally swamped. Pun intended since it's raining so much here I'm pretty sure Noah and his two-by-twos are gonna come down our street at any mo'.

Anyhoo, one of my favorite people in Allmyfriendsliveinthecomputerland is Bronwyn Green and she has a nifty interview with author R.A. Evans up today and a giveaway. A giveaway. I love scary books. I shouldn't tell you it's there because you might ruin my chances of winning...but I am nice that way :)

Oh, and if you scare easily (and are a writer), don't read the part about the note cards and writing out of order. It had me shaking in my boots. (okay, flip-flops)

Go here for the whole dealio and drop a comment for a chance to win! (Almost typed wine. I are shocked)


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