Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look away, look away!

If you're not interested in reviews. I have a few and I'm gonna post them. Feel free to skip this if you're not interested :)

4 kisses for Report for Repair from Top 2 Bottom Reviews.

For readers who believe in and enjoy lust at first sight stories with the potential to grow into something more, this sweet, sexy, and often humorous tale provides just that, with a couple of leading men who needed a little nudge from Mother Nature to jump start their romance and bring them together.

4 ravens for Unexpected at Blackraven Reviews.

I was a little bit surprised by Sommer Marsden’s Unexpected. I thought from the blurb that this would be a simple romance about two gay men as parents, which is a trope I enjoy, but there is so much more to the story.

5 puckers for Base Nature at Two Lips Reviews.
It is nice to see something taken seriously but in such a way a lot of readers will want to read this book. The story will stay with me for a long time for its depth and love.


Lunatic Fringe [WOLF WHISTLE! CAT CALL! CRAZY HILLBILLY REBEL YELL!] 5 hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews.

Lunatic Fringe is probably my favorite so far of the Zombie Exterminator Series and it is hard to beat We Kill Dead Things in my mind. But, Lunatic Fringe delivers action, passion, humor, love, and suspense all at once. I can’t wait for the next installment of the Zombie Exterminator Series.

Yay and thanks to all my reviewers for taking the time to review me. I appreciate you!

Okay. I'm done. Carry on. :)


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