Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super review of WKDT...

by the lovely Victoria Blisse. I was gobsmacked (I stole that from Alison Tyler who stole it from the entire UK, I guess) when I read this. So nice! Victoria seems to nail all the things I love about the characters and sex in these books. I'm addicted to my crew. Whether anyone reads them or not, I love the exterminators and their tales so much, I'll keep writing them regardless of audience. But ya know...um...I do hope someone's reading them! :)

Here we go--a snippet and a link to the full review:

Poppy, Garrity, Noah and Cahill are brilliant characters. They are zombie killers not so much by choice but driven by the need to survive. They are joined together by friendship, loss and lust and it is a powerful bond. I do love hot, realistic sex that pulls you deep in to a story and Sommer gives her readers that in bucket loads but I am ecstatic when that passion ignites between characters I can really relate to. Sommer is a genius at this, little mundane things shine through the chaos and frenzy of the killing creepers (the group’s term for the living dead) and help you to get to know the people behind the cold dispatches of the walking dead.

Read the whole shebang HERE.


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