Thursday, September 8, 2011

there was an earthquake...

Life around here's been a bit of a joke lately. If you have a dark sense of humor, that is. There has been an earthquake, an aneurysm, a hurricane (no shit), biopsies (me), a back thrown out so severely he walks like an old man (the man), a tropical storm...and in the interim I was supposed to do a favor for an acquaintance. And I dropped the ball.

I flaked.

I am a bit of a hard-ass (on myself) and a perfectionist (about my word) so I freaked out. And the man started yelling: "There was an earthquake and a hurricane! Brain surgery and a storm! I threw my back out and you had your outpatient surgery procedure thingy and...jesus...who cares if you dropped the ball."

Which I explained in a darkly humorous beat-self-up, slightly buzzed late night email to Alison Tyler. Who promptly sent me this (she has a perfectly organized memory for appropriate movie clips it seems!). This made me giggle and snort for quite a while. A) It's one of my mom and dad's favorite movies and B) there really was an earthquake. I just hope the locusts don't show up....

Happy monsoon day. I mean Thursday. ;)


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  1. Oh sweetie! WOW - I think you need a vacation. LOL. Just remember, if you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs - you probably don't get the joke. :P


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