Friday, October 7, 2011

a cluster of reviews...

Feel free to skip if review snippets are not your thing! I'm still sick but no fever today. However, the day has already been full of surprises. Not all of them good. So...I hope I'm making sense.

4 kisses for Ferryman from Top2Bottom Reviews:
What reinforced the story, made it a worthwhile read for me, is Sommer Marsden’s talent for creating magnetic characters.

5 stars for Automagically from Just Erotic Romance Reviews:

Ms. Marsden shows why she is one of my favorite authors with her knack for keeping you involved in the story and delighting in every word...

A 'go forth and read' for Learning To Drown from You Gotta Read Reviews:

Will I read this book again, I already have. Is this a keeper, it already is. Do I recommend it, I already am.


  1. i will second that, though it did rear its annoying head for about an hour or so, but then went away again. :)


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