Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First stop on the BIG BAD Blog Bash...

is today! Woop! :) I'm at Miss Rebecca Bond's blog talking about--well, basically--how Ellis and Tyler and Ruby came into being.

BIG BAD comes out Friday at Excessica and I am psyched. I'm even more psyched to remind you that if you comment along every stop, you'll be entered to win Ruby's socks (featured in a sexy scene in the book). I'll post a pick of them as soon as they arrive. They're from Sock Dreams and they are fabulous.

For the time being, go over to Rebecca's and say howdy. I'd love to see you there. You could win a copy of BB (when it's out!) and of course, possibly, some smoking hot socks...


The Rest of the tour:

October, the month to howl…
10/12 Rebecca Bond’s blog. I hope Ellis and I don’t shed…
10/14 Release day for BIG BAD!and a coinkydink of guest blogging about Halloween on Eliza Gayle's The DAMM blog!
10/15 Back at Katie’s Written in Blood for Vampire Awareness month. I’ll be talking about bloodsuckers in general and then maybe introduce Tyler Gent, my vamp from BIG BAD, with a snippety doo dah!
10/17 Aisling Weaver’s blog because she wants da wolf!
10/19 United by Books is having me...fur and all :)
10/20 Double time:
Erotica for All to chat about Big Bad
Kiki Howell’s blog with the whole spooky crew. Big Bad and Lunatic Fringe.
10/24 Creating some wolfish havoc over at Sharazade's blog!
10/25 Gemma Parkes’s blog, Awhoooooo!
10/27 Back at T. Harrison’s blog to scratch up her hardwood floors with our wolf claws.
10/30 Back at Cassie’s for some howling at the Halloween moon
10/31 Drink heavily and steal candy from my kids.
11/9 Final stop at KD Grace's blog. Sock winner announced the next day! Woohoo! socks! [werewolf whistle]


  1. This is the cover you were doing the reveal on, yes? See, I was paying attention. ;-)

  2. yep. only about a month ago I couldn't take it anymore and just put up the whole awesome cover :D

  3. Awesome cover! I love it!
    Thank you for the the blog tour and now I can find more authors I haven't read before..*S*



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