Wednesday, October 19, 2011

good mail day...

You ever have those weeks you just NEED a pick-me-up? Something to make you LOL out loud. I've had a month like that and then some. And today was super exciting (read very painful and distressing) TMJD specialist appointment for my bitch of a jaw. And I came home discouraged and in pain and in a foul mood and found this waiting for me...

We have bendy straws. You'll see what those are for. A Pat the Zombie picture book. Yay zombie bunny! An I Love Lucy tote, because for some reason she thinks I am Lucille Ball-ish. Just because the first time she read my blog I had just fallen down the steps and damaged my ass...I don't know. I don't see the connection...*ahem*. There's also Silver Bullet mints (I won't use those on my handsome Ellis Bach, though) and a Hazmat Lego dude. Ya know, because we had the plague hear a few weeks ago. Oh, and a kick ass note because Alison Tyler is just that fucking cool...
Pat the Zombie. Heh. Good thing this wasn't around when my kids were wee. I still might have read it to them...
And here we see what the bendy straws are for. Wine supplied by blog owner. And might possibly be consumed tonight through a fistful of colorful straws.

Silver bullet mints with our own personal (only in his head) fat red werewolf in the background.

Thank you, AT. You saved my day. Seriously. And gave me and LOL out loud.

p.s. Don't forget to go visit stop five on the B4. See below! :)

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  1. Yes, Alison is that damn cool. LOVE the zombie bunny book. Excellent package. That would make me smile any day!

    (Accidentally copied & pasted to my twitter lol. This is what happens when you try to multi-task without enough cawfee in your system....)

    PS - word verification was FULATIO - anyone? anyone? :P


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