Monday, October 10, 2011


I'd love to get to know you. I have a lot of visitors and I cherish them all. I love to hear from my fellow writers all the time. But I'd love to hear from more of you. A writer's nothing without readers. True story.

I won't bite. I promise. Unless you ask me nicely. Doesn't have to be a love letter, but I'd love it if you'd introduce yourselves. :) What do you like to read most? How much do you read? Do you read ebooks mostly or print or is it a free for all? Etc...

I'd like to be able to say hi back. And recognize your names when you do choose to speak up and comment on blogs.



  1. Hi, Sommer!

    I think it's pretty cool that you want to get to know some of us! I always feel kind of strange when making "personal" comments on authors' blogs so it's nice to see an author who wants to get to know us readers.

    I am an AVID reader. Books are pretty much my best friends haha :) My mom got me started on romance when I was probably 14 but I'd been reading since before then. I like to joke with her that she can't handle what I would be too dirty for her...but she surprises me sometimes with her book choices!

    What ever happened to that newbie contest you were holding? Will you be posting anything about that on the blog any time soon?

    Here's to a beautiful blog friendship :)


  2. Hi Gillian :)

    Thanks for introducing yourself! I have learned over the years to never judge a mom by her momitude--they tend to read just as steamy or steamier than us.

    I learned that from my bank teller when she said "Oh, what do you write?"

    "Um...very, very, very steamy romance."

    She pushed a paper and a pen over the counter. "If you'll just write down your pen name..."

    She's probably older than my mom.

    The newbie call was for an anthology, not a contest. It's still in the works and when there's more to tell, I'll post. I'm still reading the submissions. :)

    I hope you'll feel free to comment any time now ;)


  3. Hi Sommer,

    I've been here before and not afraid to comment but thought I'd take you up on your offer. :)

    I'm also an avid reader and have been in heaven ever since I got my first smartphone, which meant I could read anywhere, anytime. I have paper books stacked on the shelf to read atm but am currently reading ebooks mostly.

    My tastes are wide and varied - sci-fi, fantasy, history and I have a penchant for nonfiction reference books. I spent three years reading fanfic, until the bad & the ugly outweighed the good. Then I found erotic fiction, which has given me more of that tingly feeling I've been looking for. ;) (The husband is pretty happy about the side effects. lol Reading books on salt doesn't produce quite the same results.) Soooo... at the moment, I'm reading a lot of smut, which is how I found you. Someone I follow on twitter was RT links to Wanderlust. Now I have a library of your stuff on my droid!

    I know a love letter was not required but I just wanted to say that it's been inspiring to see you have a minimum daily word count to write and do that every day. Could be why my writing partner and I can't finish our story. :/


  4. [Now I have a library of your stuff on my droid!]

    best line ever! That is awesome. Thank you. :)

    I didn't have a daily w/c goal for a long time. i usually crack 1k but that's because I type v. fast and can't not do it. Even sick, I need to nail down 1,000 minimum to feel peaceful. Unless I've decided to take a day off. Then I really try to stick with it.

    Take it in baby steps, if you really want a w/c goal. That's my advice. Start with 500 words and work toward what you really want.

    YOu know what they say, if you do it every day for 30 days it's officially a habit (whether it be good or bad). And writing smut usually makes me more than just the writer happy :)

    Thanks for my love letter, Sherri! I apprciate it ;)


  5. I will come clean and admit that, as of yet, I haven't read your books. But I have a list that I am definitely buying as soon as I settle into my new house. I like to give a good book the time it deserves. With the move, I'm also trying to publish an urban fantasy novella. Crazy timing, I know. I'm smart like that. :) So my brain is in hyper drive.

    Honestly, I really enjoy your blogs, and I follow you on Twitter (you helped me out with a race of monster fruit flies the other day). You're sense of humor is right up my ally. I used to live with a bunch of skydivers for seven years, so I'm pretty much ruined for normal folks. So writers, artsy peeps, and head-rushers unite!

    Anyway, I really look forward to your books, especially Wanderlust and Automagically. And I will definitely keep reading your blogs.

  6. We must present an united front ('an' sounds wrong but is grammatically correct...i think) against he fruit flies!

    Glad to have you, Blakely. I look forward to hearing what you think about whatever book you choose. And I love your name. I know someone with that as a middle name. Neat!

    And good luck with your novella!



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