Saturday, October 29, 2011

some warm fuzzies on a cold chilly...

day. First a lovely review from Katie at Booking It for Unexpected.

"Yes, the relationship happens hot and fast, but it seems so completely natural I never felt their story was unbelievable."

Go here to see the review.

And the rest of the blog shall be in pictures! Huzzah!

As Pooh Bear would have said, it's a rather blustery day today (watch out for hefflumps and woozles). you can't really see the rain or the wind but you can see the gray and trust's cold!

Homemade hot chocolate in my very most favorite beloved don't-touch-it-it's-mine Halloween mug...

Stuffed mushroom caps for the birthday part we're attending later. Yes...*sigh*...we have to leave the house.

Girl child's first totally solo coconut cake! She did a super job. It's a bummer I can't eat it, but everyone else can enjoy :)

That's it. That's the whole blustery update. Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Stay warm and cozy and cuddle up to someone who smells good. I will be doing that later.


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