Friday, October 21, 2011


I am so glad it's Friday for various reasons. This has been both a great week and a trying one. Big plan for tomorrow is sleep my ass off. But as for right now, me and Ian have something going on in my head. Or at least me and this song and my current novel.


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  1. Oh wow. I only just heard this on the car radio, on my way from the office here back to my hotel. It occurred to me that the song is basically a masculine version of a love song, talking about how she gives him refuge from all the shit going on in his life. Not at all sappy, but very sweet. They just don't make songs like this any more.

    One of my college roommates and I heard BÖC play live back in the early 80's, in this tiny hole in the wall club in south Jersey — or maybe Philly, the details of that night are a little hazy — under the name Soft White Underbelly.

  2. Hey CJ,

    I was supposed to see them once upon a time in the way back machine. lol. But it fell through. Like your details, mine are fuzzy lol. But i do remember a roomie of mine worshiped Ian Astbury.

    They're one of those bands I forget about until I hear them and then I'm like: Wow! How did I forget about them?

    Not forgetting them now. Thanks to the scene in this book, I woke with this playing on a loop in my head ;)

    p.s. and you're right about the lyrics. Overall, The Cult gives good lyriics. And I, my friend, am a die hard lyric whore. :)


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