Tuesday, October 4, 2011

why yes, that *is* a heavenly choir you hear...

Look what I found! At Goodwill brand new, one of my fave colors, the big size! $8.99 which is a bargain since they start in the $20-30 buck range.

Also picked up a plain white Pyrex mixing bowl with a pour spout (sweet) a Fireking milk glass baking dish and something for a craft. I kept picking stuff up and putting it down. At one point my basket was at about $50 bucks but I walked out for $16 with the one new item costing the most.

Sadly no rubber boots for girl child (marsh mucking later this week for school). So I'll have to hit another store tomorrow to see if I can snag a pair for cheap. So sad that I *cough* have to go back. Who knows, I might *ahem* accidentally stumble over some more Pyrex or milk glass...



  1. I always end up with a mound of stuff and have to "re-evaluate" before checkout. I'm that obnoxious person everyone trips over as I spread everything out and stare at it, mentally trying to cut the price tags in half.

    But it sounds like you're willpower is greater than mine. :)

  2. I just didn't have that much cash on me, Blakely, so...I was forced to be good ;)

    Jo, I keep finding things to use it for. Even if I don't need a spout. Excuses, excuses...



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