Sunday, October 2, 2011

woke with this in my head today...

I have a feeling I've blogged this song before. Or used this clip. Weird deja vu-ey thing going on here. Oh well, maybe I have. I adore all things Motown but The Temptation, The Four Tops and The Spinners are my first true loves. My dad, before he died, used to play it at top volume and one of my handful of memories of him is dancing on the tops of his feet.

All I had in my head was "Sunshine, blue skies, pleas go away, My girl's found another and gone away..."

Guess it'll show up in the new book. Which I'm working on today. Until my hand gives out, that is. I've done something to it--pulled it or angered it somehow. So after an hour of typing it cramps up and is damn near unbearable.

When that happens I'll stop and instruct my minions on how to help me decorate for Halloween. And I think we might walk on down to the thrift store and see what there is to see...

Happy Sunday, all.


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