Saturday, November 5, 2011

26 days and a bananalicious present...

Who sent me this? I can only assume this is my very first 40th birthday gift. This here is a Bluth Banana Stand apron. And it came today! So, um...not my best pic but girl child said: "You have to keep a straight face."

Huhn. This is me trying to do that. I'd call that a FAIL.



Only 25 days left in my 30's and we went to our first Xmas event. No shit. Don't ask. To me it's way too early but you support the ones you love, no matter what. Even if it means saying Ho-Ho-Ho before you say Gobble-Gobble!



  1. What, no one is brave enough to be the first to comment? Okay, I'll rush in where wise men (and women) fear to tread. I think the apron is adorable. But yeah, definitely a fail on trying to keep a straight face.

  2. lol. i cannot tell you how many times i've wanted to yank this pic. but some of the whole 40 thing is loosening up about myself. to realize i don't always have to look perfect, great or even good...sometimes just happy is good. or even preferred.

    it's a whole thing with me. i have not enough syndrome. not enough what? pick something in fill in the blank and it will probably apply.

    the goofy face i apparently make when i'm laughing and trying to keep a straight face up on my blog=me being brave ;)


  3. First time at a computer since the day you posted it. I think you look absolutely adorable. And the apron is golden!


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