Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And I am thankful for...

You, readers! :) Given that the kick off of holiday season (starting with Halloween) usually triggers my sweet tooth, I'm giving away Sugar! Not actual sugar (though raw sugar straight up is yum and I've been known to sneak a few of those coarse grains just to chew), but my spanking story Sugar. Because I love spanking as much as I love sugar. Possibly more. *ahem*

For today, tomorrow and Thanksgiving day, Sugar is free on Smashwords.com . I'm pre-empting the evil, evil Black Friday by giving you something fun beforehand.

Simply go to Smashwords, search for Sugar (make sure our prude filter is OFF) and when you check out plug in coupon code: GN62A


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



  1. Thanks for the holiday treat Sommmer. Where can I find some of your other writings on spanking? Any specific titles you might recommend from your collection?

  2. You are very welcome. :) Happy turkey day.

    Let's see: Drunk and Disorderly; Taking Care of Business: A short erotic collection (the feature story TCOB is spanking); Wanderlust has spanking among other things; More: Two Prize Winning Stories in One Volume contains a CP story winner "Putting Kitty in her Place"; and I'm pretty sure some of the tales in my upcoming (DEC 1) The Best of Sommer Marsden are spanking stories.

    Those are off the top of my head. Most of my longer works/novels contain spanking at some point ;)

    Have a great day.



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