Saturday, November 19, 2011


Dark Divas Reviews

In a previous blog (scroll down until you see a video of Chuck Palahniuk) I mentioned my worries and fears and worries and fears and worries and fears about Big Bad. There were some worries and fears (in case you missed that). But now the first official review (by a review site) has come and...tada! 4.5 Divas from Susan at Dark Divas Reviews.


I feel like I can take a deep breath now. I had to repress a girlish squeal when the review opened with:

"Big Bad blew my socks off!"

What is there not to love about that!

To read the full review, just click the link above.

I'd also like to mention some fabulous reviews on Amazon. Thanks to T. Harrison, Jo, KD Grace and an amazing reader I just 'met' named Ava. You rock. (I know I'm probably supposed to act all cool and whatnot and pretend I didn't see them...but I did see them and they are appreciated!)



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