Monday, November 7, 2011

birthday story: share!

I've received some great entries (I am getting them, thank you!) but t'Sade's sort of tickled me pink. I think mostly because this pretty much sounds like something that might happen in my life. So today, I'm sharing one of my entries :)


Most of my birthday really are doomed to fade into obscurity, but
naturally with my technological bent, my greatest birthday is when I
turned thirty-two. (This might be a bit naughty.)

Fluffy, my wifetype, decided to give me a surprise of a hotel room
with a roof-top hot tub and a big tub inside. Since it was August, we
didn't expect to need the hot tub much, except for rounds between sex
and just lazing around. She also planned on taking me to an outdoor
show, of a band I enjoyed greatly.

However, as my birthday came up, so did the rain. Not the light little
drizzle that soaked into the fabric, but a torrential downfall of the
gods pissing on the earth. It came down in sheets, splashing against
the pavement and pooling in lukewarm puddles that just soaked into

The hotel's pool roof cracked under the onslaught and they shut down
the pool to pick the glass shards out of the bottom. The hotel room we
got, normally the second best in the hotel, had a leak that got us a
few dollars off the nightly price.

Needless to say, the show was canceled. I think it was because the
drummer drowned, but I'm not entirely sure. I didn't really stop to
ask when the large boat sailed by.

In the middle of this, she broke down in tears. Her perfect birthday
had turned into misery and water.

I, on the other hand, love the rain. I couldn't have her upset, so I
did the most logical thing. I pulled her out to the hot tub, pulled
off her clothes. She tried to go back inside, despite the fact no one
could see us. Holding her wrists down on the hot tub cover, I dropped
to my knees and... let's say distracted her until she realized I just
finished unwrapping my gift and I was eating my cake too.



  1. Lovely images - was a very special birthday after all. She should be proud. :D

  2. Thank you. :) I didn't want to get too much detail, but I forgot to describe what it was like giving head in that rain, but didn't get it in. Oh well, I'm *very* glad you enjoyed it.



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