Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? (the giveaway)

In 30 days...one short month...I shall be...*gasp*...40!

So the best way for me to celebrate this milestone (yes, I am not upset. I'm a bit stunned...how did this happen?...but not upset) I want to give one lucky reader a present. So that--up there--is the present.

What is it you ask?

It is the Step into Sexy gift collection from Avon (my mom's a pusher...I mean sales rep). The collection consists of perfume, a purse roll on perfume, lotion and the glittery sexy purply girlish wristlet.

There's also a paperback copy of Big Bad and Learning to Drown (if the winner has these, alterntives will be offered) and a snazzy bookmark.

And...the pink paper represents what will be a $15 gift card from Sockdreams.com...because I am a total sock pervert.

All for you!

What do you have to do you ask?

Send me a birthday greeting to hot4sommer[at]yahoo[dot]com Just send me your best or worst birthday memory or give me tips on turning 40 if you've already done it. Make sure you tell me if I may share your story on my blog!Please be sure to put SOMMER'S BIRTHDAY in the subject line so I know it's an entry.

That's it! I'll take all the messages and use a random number generator to choose a lucky winner on December 2nd (hey, the 1st is my birthday and I plan to be busy, busy, busy).

I'd appreciate bloggers/readers spreading the word on this and please feel free to repost on your blog. You only turn 40 once and I want it to be a humdinger (hmm, that sounds dirty).

*sadly, the only restriction on this contest is I cannot offer it for anywhere but the United States. The shipping for this would be astronomical. Sorry to my overseas readers :(



  1. Damn. :( LOL. But that's cool Sommer. Excellent giveaway - I shall RT and re-post and pimp you out like CRAAAAAZZZY. :P

  2. Don't worry, I am not a perfume and cream type of girl. Unless it's all super naturelle.

    AND I am following in your footsteps - four and a half years left... so no advice from me, as yet :)

  3. Thx, Angell. :)

    Jo...well, then there you go, I guess!


  4. Shipping to Canada ain't so $$. Free trade and all that . . .

    40 is a very dangerous age for women. Husbands/lovers/friends with benefits beware. The woman you are having sex with is about to change.

    She will come into full possession of her sexuality. It will ooze from her every pore.

    She will question whether her relationship(s) living up to her new standards, which are exact and demanding.

    Her creative powers will be unleashed. What was glorious potential becomes reality. Her work will astonish all.

    The first signs that those tumbles and miraculous recoveries she suffered in her youth did not exactly disappear - so the need for a decent health and exercise regimine will become a necessity.

    She will see slough off hangers on, deadbeats, and negative forces like so much old skin. If you are one of them, smarten up now or prepare to be washed down the drain.

    Her youthful beauty will transform into the magnificent maturity of a Woman. She will astonish all who know and love her, and draw many new admirers with each breath she takes and every step she makes.

    She will be "The Female at Forty" and never look back.

  5. If you decide to include Canadians I will repost as an entry.

    Otherwise, rock on, sock on, the best is yet to come!

  6. Awesome giveaway Sommer!I've shared via FB. And Happy early Birthday! =)

  7. Congrats on the big 40 Sommer I have hit that millestone yet but I hope I'm asexcited about as you are!

    Hope you had a great birthday!


  8. Give the prize to Madeline. She said it all, really well. ;-) *cheers*

    Happy birthday sweetheart!

  9. Wow, MM, that is awesome. Thanks so much for commenting, despite the US only. Sadly, the bump up from US to other places had prevented me as this will be a heavy prize. When a norma sized book goes from $5 to $13 to ship, I can't imagine five pounds of present! LOL. Maybe when I'm rich and famous :)

    Saskia, thanks for the wishes. She did say it really well didn't she? :)


  10. that should be normal not 'norma' whoever norma is...

  11. Happy happy birthday, Sommer!

    Forty is fabulous. I think of it as the age of ultimate sophistication. I'll be there in a few years, and I'm looking forward to it. I spent so much of my early 30s thinking of ways to recapture my 20s. What a waste of time! I didn't even know what I really wanted out of life until I hit 35, and now that I do, I feel like in my forties I'll be able to attain it. So onward and upward, ya know?

    When it's all said and done, I hope your big day is happy, fun-filled, and filthy. After all, age is just a number - and who has time to think about numbers when they're being naughty? ;0)

    Happiest wishes!

  12. Thank you, Cora! That is the nicest thing. I feel the same. I feel like I'm getting to an important step for me. You are so sweet. I bet you will be a smoking hot 40. As I very much plan to be. *cough* fingers crossed that I'm right about me being one! LOL.


  13. Happy birthday!
    *crickets chirping*
    I am waiting because this is usually about the time people offer me money NOT to sing the happy birthday song, or any other song, to them.

    Oh well, have a wonderful, wonderful month-long birthday celebration, and my only advice is to really consider the long-term benefits of paying me NOT to sing. Aside from that, it's all good.


  14. Oh, Donna. I have made many a set of ears bleed singing, too. You can just hum. Would that work? We can hum together.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I figure with all the nice messages, come the actual day, I won't be too pole-axed. I should be pretty well prepared and my loins should be girded. :)


  15. I'll admit, my sex drive didn't really turn on until I was thirty-four, so I suspect its going to peak around forty. Which is going to make the next few years... interesting. But, I do hope you have a wonderful birthday when it shows up, because every birthday is really better than the last.

  16. >pout< What do Sommer Marsden and Wheel of Fortune have in common?

  17. They both charge $250 for an "O."

    No, wait. That's Wheel of Fortune and dope dealers. I get those confused all the time.

    Happy 40th (almost). You totally rock, Sommer.


  18. ha. I think you mean I pay $250...um. never mind ;)

    Thank you for pre-birthday wishes! Getting closer. @__@ eep!



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