Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another busy-busy

Whew. I might have posted this awesome 5 heart review for Lunatic Fringe before. If I did, forgive me. I can't find it (much like I can't find my own ass with both hands and a flashlight this week) and it came to my notice via some online ping the other day. So tada! A possibly repeat link to an awesome review over at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!

Now this is brand new. A five star review for Automagically at Two-Lips Reviews. Orsum! HERE'S the full review. And a snippet:

The twists and turns in this story made it a memorable read for me and this is a book I’ll be putting on my keeper shelf for a long time to come.

Thank you, Tina! :)

And finally, I'm over at Elise Hepner's blog with THE BEST OF SOMMER MARSDEN'S MIND AND READING LIST discussing my favorite books of the last three months. And hey! There are probably some names you recognize on there and some you may not. Go check IT OUT.

Happy Saturday. I started the weekend off really right last night--with a bang. Hoping you have similar.


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